Front page photo in the Kingston Freeman of me and Roberto jamming in Kingston, NY

Article by Lei Isaacs - Documents my years in the Hudson River Valle as well as any.
Kirtan at Yoga Pagoda with Dave and Kevin 10/2015

At the Florida Irish American society in Vero Beach, Fl, 2015

Concertina Maintenance

Inside an English concertina

Rich Bala and I being "Canawlers" 10 years ago. Oh the D&H was a rising......

So here's a young me, Betty Boomer, Mary Ellen Healy and Pete. Near as I can figure, this is 1980 in Kingston at the march "From Slavery to Sanctuary". We were all singing through my battery powered "Mouse" amplifier.

Renaissance Bob

"Public Employee" circa 1995

At the Senate House in Kingston. clockwise - Bob Lusk, Frank Romano, Jim Donnelly, Tina Ciarlante, and Buffy Lewis - All "Public Employees"
With Ira and Laurie McIntosh and Jim Donnelly at a Heritage Folk Music concert in Saugerties on 4/20/08

St Patrick's 2008

Bob Lusk, Jim Donnelly and Ira McIntosh on the Ulster County Highway Departments' float and at Chic's Restaurant. Thanks to Bobby Walker for building the float!

Phil Och's night 12/14/07

Some shots from the Phil Ochs' night at the Colony Cafe. Photos by Ron Osenenko from the Woodstock Music Shop

Here I was playing Dobro with the group "Flames of Discontent". They are - the event organizer John Pietaro on electric banjo Laurie on lead bass and Angelo on the drums in back. We were either playing "Gas Station Woman" or "Chords of Fame"

Hootenanny 2007

With Jim Donnelly and Rick Nestler

Bluestone Festival

Jim Donnelly, Doctor Romo and myself at the Kingsotn Bluestone Festival this year. Photos by Heidi Johnson

John St. Jam

At the John Street jam in Saugerties c 2006
Huckleberry Festival in Ellenville Saturday 8/25/07. Right to left it's me, Robin Greenstein, Regina Scheff and Barry - the "hot" bluegrass band.

It was hot.
How hot was it?
It was so hot they baked Huckleberry Pies on the sidewalk.
Playing the fiddle on the beach at Gwyn's Island, VA, July 2007. I used to spend summers here as a kid.

Another picture from the archives - in an art gallery in uptown Kingston - photo by Jean Haines.
Leading a chant? with siblings and neighbors at the Lusk Family Homestead 1970
Packing up equipment in New York City 1981

The "Floating Coffeehouse" at South Street Seaport circa 1978. L-R Mary Ann Schatzel (now Pardini), Bob Lusk, Jan Christiansen, Warren Kelder
"Those were the days my friend.....etc.)

Martin Slide Guitar-Veena

Here are some pictures of my updated Martin D 12-20 Slide Guitar-Veena.
It has a total of 28 strings.

The Greenridge bluegrass band circa 1980.
Nancy Ryan - button accordion
Himself - guitar
Randy Litz O'Moore - banjo, mandolin, etc.

Square your sets!

Birdcliff sq dance circa 1977


Left to right:
Cloe Johnson
Howard Rust
Barry Coffler
Stewart Dean holding Mara
Tom Maher
Jeff- Guitar
Greg Carson – Bass
Bob Lusk – Guitar
Earl Pardini – fiddle
Karen Nedringhause – fiddle
David Schiller – fiddle
Bob Ross – banjo
Karen Pardini - calling

About 1998 in Kingston, NY

On the Clearwater about 1,000 years ago. That's Rick Nestler's back and arm and Vinny and Mary Ellen are in the background

With Roberto about 1993. It's 2007 now and he just had his first gig as vocalist in a heavy metal band.

At Jim Donnelly's. About 2000. For those to whom it matters, that's a B/C accordion. I gave up on that system and now have a C#/D.

left to right, it's Bob Horan, me, and Pat Keating, circa 2003

Good Hair Day

Hindustani concert

Here I am playing slide guitar-veena at my Hindustani classical music class recital at the Hindu Samaj Temple in Wappingers Falls, NY spring 2007. It is run by Anjali Nandakar, a wonderful singer.

Lusk Family Music Party 2006

What did these three guys have in common? None of them were at the 2007 party! Still we had 10 hours of non-stop music. You can bet they'll be back next year - or else I'll print their names!
Playing my "Marveltone" guitar. The origional owner was Bob Van Kleek, from Phoenicia, who played it in the Army barracks according to his brother-in-law, Walter Brandt Sr., 98 Grand Street, Kingston, NY. I bought it from Mr. Brandt at a yard sale at his home in September 1997. He was cleaning out his attic and moving to Florida. The guitar was made in the 1920's, probably by Regal. . It is similar to a Martin 00-18 style. (Slightly narrower and longer.) It needed extensive repairs by a variety of luthiers.

Playing a love song to my bride Penelope née Boyce at our wedding. July 19, 1987. Toby Tobias is in the lower left.

With Carol Kuhnle c. 1979

The origional "Public Employee" c.1983- meself, Frank Romano (Dr. Romo) Tina Ciarlante, & Jim Donnelly.

The Greenridge Boys, with Randy Litz-O'Moore c.1980. Irish bluegrass at it's best!

Tres bien et vous?

The first two pictures here are from another Kingston St. Patrick's parade shot in the good old pickup truck, this time with Kat Smith -c.1988. We were "the Hooligans". My wife Penny put every one of those green and white carnations on the truck.

Next is a Memorial Day peace song concert I did at the Canal House basement in High Falls c.1995. Melissa Ortquist sang with me even though she wasn't in this picture. This concert generated a lot of heated discussions with some veteran's groups, and a very meaningful talk with my brother George, a Vietnam veteran.