Phil Och's night 12/14/07

Some shots from the Phil Ochs' night at the Colony Cafe. Photos by Ron Osenenko from the Woodstock Music Shop

Here I was playing Dobro with the group "Flames of Discontent". They are - the event organizer John Pietaro on electric banjo Laurie on lead bass and Angelo on the drums in back. We were either playing "Gas Station Woman" or "Chords of Fame"

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Great blog, Bob. This is Patricia writing, once Patricia Rogers Dean, then Patricia Rogers Rust. The "Unidentified man with child" in the marvelous photo of "Byrdcliffe Square dance, 1977" is Stewart Dean, the child is our daughter Mara Dean Cardile, then age 2. Stewart now plays an amazing concertina. You can reach me at, now just Patricia Rogers